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Hygiene Doors

Hygiene Doors. Whether you are a novice or an expert, browse a comprehensive range of climbing kit you can really trust. From climbing shoes to harnesses, ropes to karabiners and belay devices.

  • Hermetic Doors - healthcare

    Ellickson Engineering offers a range of automatic hermetic doors including sliding, swing, glass doors which all fulfil functional, aesthetic and hygienic requirements. Swing hermetic door The leaf is sealed along the sides and at the top to guarantee hermetic sealing. At the bottom, it…

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  • X-ray Doors - Healthcare

    Our lead lined automatic doors are specifically designed to meet the needs of hospitals etc where radiation protection is required. Our doors guarantee effective isolation due to the lead laminate inserts both on the door and on the vision panel. Available in both normal and hermetic type do…

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Engineering Solution for Pharmaceutical client

Another Bespoke Engineering Solution. A solution for a Pharmaceutical client designed by Kev…

Bespoke Engineering Soution

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Bespoke Engineering solution - Bishops Palace

Curved sliding bi-parting door to tie in with the surroundings of Waterford's Bishops Palace…

Ellickson Engineering Autodock System

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Mount Sion CBS Secondary School

Sincerest thanks are in order for Ellickson Engineering for their sterling work on our Yards…