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Security. Whether you are a novice or an expert, browse a comprehensive range of climbing kit you can really trust. From climbing shoes to harnesses, ropes to karabiners and belay devices.

  • Automatic Gates

    Automatic Gates

    The Ellickson Engineering Automatic gates are designed to secure your perimeter fence with provision for controlled vehicular access. The gates have specifically designed bottom rail assembly with provision for integrated ball bearing rollers for ground track or cantilevered transmission assembly for free carrying application. Gate leaf in…

  • Pedestrian Gate

    Pedestrian Gate

    A pedestrian gate is a gate which is designed to inhibit pedestrian access, or to allow pedestrians through a wall or other barrier in a controlled fashion via the gate. Ellickson Engineering's design of the gate is typically narrow enough that people in vehicles cannot pass through it, although pedestrian gates may permit the passage of bi…

  • Building/Property


    Ellickson Engineering provide a variety of property security systems including window guards, security grilles and louvres. All systems can be designed and custom fabricated to fit any specific security needs.

  • Vehicular


    Ellickson Engineering provide a large range of vehicular security systems including retractable bollards, ramming walls, crash barriers and automatic barriers. Ellickson Engineering use precision engineering and modern cutting edge technology to ensure that every customers vehicular security needs are satisfied.

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