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Fire Protection

Fire Protection. Hygiene Doors.

  • Single Skin Fire Rated Roller Shutters

    Single Skin Fire Rated Roller Shutters

    The Ellickson Engineering Fire Resistant Roller Shutter door is designed for up to 4 hour fire resistance. The fire resisting door criteria is conditional on adherence to specification for fire walls and precise requirement for door activation.

  • Fire Curtains

    Fire Curtains

    We offer a range of Fire Rated Automatic Fabric Fire Curtains Manufactured and tested to BS 476 Part 20/22, rated from 60 to 240 minutes including single and multiple roller models.

  • Smoke Curtains

    Smoke Curtains

    Originally the primary use of smoke curtains was for smoke containment and smoke channelling, particularly in complex buildings such as airports and shopping centres. BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains have always been at the forefront of engineered smoke strategies.  

  • Fire Rated Steel Doors

    Fire Rated Steel Doors

    Fire doors will prevent the spread of fire and smoke to protect people and premises, and maximise building evacuation times. Steel doors provide a higher level of fire protection than other door materials and Powershield Fire Doors have been extensively tested to British and European standards to provide up to 4 hours fire protection.

  • Fire Rated Glazing Systems

    Fire Rated Glazing Systems

    Glazed steel systems offer superior safety benefits, as well as excellent fire performance, low maintenance requirements and appealing aesthetics for curtain walls, fire screens, windows and glazed doors. The Powershield range of high quality glazed systems is ideal for such applications in both contemporary and traditional architectural schemes.

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