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Ellickson Engineering - Reporting of Kerry lift case – an urgent and important clarification

Just so our loyal and valued customers are aware, we are NOT the company being prosecuted for the lift accident in the Killarney hotel, an unfortunate incident which is currently making the news headlines.

Just so you know the real story, Kilell Ltd. acquired the trading name and premises of Ellickson Engineering Ltd (in receivership) from the receivers, Grant Thornton, in 2011. We continue to use the brand name.

News reports have failed to make it clear that the company being prosecuted is in receivership and is not now based in Waterford. Its address is at Grant Thornton’s Dublin office.

The directors and employees of Kilell Ltd., trading as Ellickson Engineering, with whom you have been doing business, have no connection whatsoever with the company which operated at the time of the hotel accident.

I hope this makes things clear. We greatly value your continued support at this time.

Ellickson Engineering are a Waterford based Engineering Company that provides innovative solutions to a broad range of market sectors, and are market leaders for commercial and industrial doors, loading bays and lift solutions.

Every year we complete projects from pre-planning design through to manufacturing, installation and handover. Our culture is to provide commercially and economically sustainable solutions for our many clients, and no matter what the challenge, we have the expertise and resources to deliver. more »

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Ellickson Engineering - Services Spotlight

  • Loading Bay Systems

    Loading Bay Systems

    Ellickson Engineering dock levellers are manufactured in our Waterford Factory and can be custom made depending on the detail required. Ellickson Engineering dock levellers are specifically constructed with hydraulics to facilitate efficient loading and unloading of different size trailers at various warehouse heights. more »

  • Rollfast & Sectional Doors

    Sectional Doors

    Ellickson Engineering sectional doors utilise interlocking composite panels that are retained with vertical side guides. Door track is designed for vertical door operation and in the event of overhead space limitations the door track configuration can be customised. This construction will provide security that is necessary... more »

  • Vehicle Restraint Systems

    Vehicle Restraint Systems

    Ellickson Engineering vehicle restraint systems include wheel lock systems and wheel alignment guides. Our vehicle restraints provide the highest level of safety for the application of loading / offloading while the trailer is in the docked position. more »

  • Smoke Barrier

    Fire Protection - Smoke Barrier

    Fire Protection. Hygiene Doors. Whether you are a novice or an expert, browse a comprehensive range of climbing kit you can really trust. From climbing shoes to harnesses, ropes to karabiners and belay devices. more »

  • Hygiene Doors

    Hygiene Doors

    Hygiene Doors. Whether you are a novice or an expert, browse a comprehensive range of climbing kit you can really trust. From climbing shoes to harnesses, ropes to karabiners and belay devices. more »

  • Loading Dock Systems

    Automatic Doors & Accessories

    Ellickson Engineering automatic door systems provide extensive convenience, security and flexibility for effortless access without user contact. Ellickson Engineering has a wide range of automatic doors including high security doors, swing doors, folding doors, emergency doors, telescopic doors, flip flow systems, more »

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